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About you

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About your condition

Would you say you have predominately right sided or left sided hemiplegia?

Which part of your body does your hemiplegia affect?

Does your hemiplegia mean you are affected by any of the following?This question is about the symptoms or effects of your hemiplegia. It includes associated and hidden conditions and/or effects. Choose as many as you feel apply. You can use the text box to make any additional notes that are relevant to your particular situation .

Physical effects

Cognitive effects

Emotional, behavioural or social issues

The support you need

Supportive technologies and devices

Do you currently use any of the following products to help you in school/work?

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Support with activities

Do you want support with activities in any of the following areas?

In education:

At work:

In those areas, what particular changes could be made or steps be taken that would make it easier for you to be more independent?These should be discussed thoroughly with the relevant person, so that you can be sure you get the right support. Please use the text box to add any specific details you need to.

In education:

Moving around the building




Making and maintaining friendships

Lunch and break times

Managing your time

At work:

Moving around the office

Tasks and projects

Working relationships

Lunch and break times at work

Managing your time at work

Questions and support

Asking questions

If someone has a question about your hemiplegia or support needs they should...

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