My HemiCheck

My HemiCheck is a free tool, like your own customisable hemiplegia ‘checklist’. Based on your answers, it provides a simple printable overview of how hemiplegia affects you personally.

  • Why My HemiCheck?

    Reminding people about the different ways hemiplegia may affect you - and what support you might need - can be frustrating and time-consuming.

    People with hemiplegia and their familes suggested a simple personal summary of how hemiplegia affects them. They felt it would be really helpful to give a printout, as needed, to people they interact with regularly.

    Of course you’re very capable, and try to go about your day independently. But sometimes you may need extra help and understanding. My HemiCheck is designed to help just a bit.

  • How it works

    My HemiCheck is a two-part tool: a survey, and a printout.

    • Just fill out My HemiCheck (the online survey)
    • My HemiCheck covers a range of topics and questions. For some, you have the option of filling in a free text box. Depending on your choices and personal situation, the survey could take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.
    • Once you’re done, My HemiCheck generates a summary printout (as a PDF file), customised to your situation, of how hemiplegia affects you specifically.
    • You have the option to print, or to save the PDF file (we recommend you save so you can print as many times as you wish).
  • Learn more about My HemiCheck

    Find out how your report can be used in education or employment, and more details about how it works

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